Henry Stone On His Many Record Labels: “I Couldn’t Have 15 Hits On The Charts Under One Label”

“The story is, that during the T.K. era, that I had 15 or more different labels like Dash, Glades, Drive, Clouds, Cat etc. And of course the biggest one I had was TK. Now, each label I put different artists on. Like Glades I had Latimore and Timmy Thomas. Cat Records I had little Beaver and Gwen McCrae. So I had these different labels. Now, you gotta remember that I was a manufacturer, an independent manufacturer. There was no way that I could have 15 hit records on the charts at one time. Let’s say I put everything on TK, like when RCA puts a record out they put it out on RCA Victor. So here’s this little independent guy gonna have 15 records on the charts? So I had these different labels. Maybe some of the managers or maybe some of the disc jockeys were hip to it, but I was paying them off anyways. But the people would see Drive records, a hit record, they’s say, “Great, man.” They see “Party Down” by Little Beaver, that’s great. They see “Rockin’ Chair” on the Cat Label. They see KC with 2 or 3 hit records. I had 15 records on the chart at one time. So that’s the story between the different labels.”


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