Henry Stone on Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love: “Sent Him In The Studio With A Pound of Coke”


“I was very prolific with anything r&b. I had a lot of white r&b artists too, like KC , Foxy, those were white groups. Bobby Caldwell, “What You Won’t Do For Love?”

That was a record, man. That was a record.

When I wanted to record an artist I put the money up for the session and everything, do the session, give the artist a little advance y’know it all depends. Everything I recorded was nothing. They were nothing until Henry Stone put his finger on em’.

Bobby Caldwell, it took him a year to mix “What You Wont Do For Love.” Took him a year to mix it. He recorded it, and when I first heard it, I loved the song. I said, “Great! It’s terrific! Let’s put it out.”

He said, “Nah I gotta remix it.”

I sent him back in the studio with a pound of coke, yeah, another pound of coke, for a year, and then I finally said “This is it! I’m puttin’ the record out!” And it was almost prettier than the first mix I heard.

Funny thing about it is I broke that through black radio. Bobby Caldwell is a white guy, but I broke that song through r&b, just like I did KC & The Sunshine Band and Foxy. I didn’t even put his picture on the album cover.

Nobody knew he was white till he started doing shows and all that. Then they’d say, “Where’s Bobby Caldwell!?!”

But that’s the way I did it. Break records through my network of black radio jocks around the country and then cross em’ over to pop.

Bobby Caldwell, man, yeah, he’s still out there doing his thing.”

  • From an interview with HENRY STONE, 2013


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  • Rest in peace Henry Stone. Bobby went through hell in the early 80’s kicking that bad habit. Thank God he did. He has grown children, and they are aware of the mistakes he made years ago. Your headline quote is a rather hurtful reminder, but I’ll have you know, Bobby has the kindest heart in the world. And, he’s still making great music without anyone, or anything from his distant past.
    Mrs. Caldwell

  • Thank you for your comment Mrs. Caldwell! Henry Stone was very proud of his work with Bobby Caldwell and always expressed admiration for his continued work in music. As for the headline, that’s part of what makes the Cool Uncle who he is today. Stay tuned for more great stories from the Henry Stone archives!

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