Mar 172011

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1. Rockin’ Chair (with a little taste of Latimore)
2. Rock Your Baby Listen to a Sample Sample
3. What You Won’t Do For Love Listen to a Sample Sample
4. Jazz Freak
5. Please Don’t Go Listen to a Sample Sample
6. Let’s Straighten It Out (performed with Latimore) Listen to a Sample Sample
7. Keep It Comin’ Love (performed with KC) Listen to a Sample Sample
8. Why Can’t We Live Together (performed with Timmy Thomas) Listen to a Sample Sample
9. 90% Of Me Is You Listen to a Sample Sample
10. Clean Up Woman
11. Party Down
12. Misty Blue Listen to a Sample Sample
13. Honey Honey (performed with David Hudson)
14. You Gotta Love Me Like I Love Me (performed with KC)
15. Rockin’ Chair

Jus Blues Magazine Best Blues & Soul Woman & Song Of The Year Award “Let’s Straighten It Out”

Picked Best Of 2006 By!

“TK Records wasn’t just a record label, it represented a sound, a sound so exciting and unique that it emerged as one of the most powerful forces in music, with artists whose recording, performing, writing, arranging, and production talents have commanded worldwide attention for four decades.

That is why fans from around the globe will hail this special album as both a tribute to one of the music industry’s most celebrated record labels, and as an essential reminder that great music performed by great musicians and artists not only stands the test of time, but can excite the spotlight all over again.”
Janet Oseroff

“Gwen McCrae does more than rock your chair, she’ll rock your soul!”
Bob Patten

“Gwen gives us soul and devotion in this project. Feel Gwen again and be forever touched! TK feels like home for Gwen!”
Glenn Rivera

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