Gregg Allman R.I.P.

Gregg Allman has passed away and joined his family at the big old juke joint in the sky, and now Duane “Skydog” Allman finally has his brother back.

Duane and Gregg are probably having a smoke, sharing a jug of Cuervo Gold, and playing some righteous music the likes of which shall never be heard the same way twice on Earth again.

Gregg Allman’s musical steel was forged in rhythmic dexterity, technical skill, emotional charisma, hard living, hot chicks, and a genius for looking cool. Gregg Allman only lived to 69 years old, but Gregg Allman lives forever.

Although the Allman Brothers Band is mostly associated with Georgia (Eat A Peach), they’re actually from Jacksonville, FL. And they started their recording career at Henry Stone’s warehouse studio above his Tone Distributors office in Hialeah, FL.

Henry Stone remembered it thusly: “They knew that if they wanted to record and get anywhere in Florida, they had to come see Henry Stone. They came to me, we cut them. We recorded that one terrific album with them that had the song “Melissa” on it. My TK Vice President Steve Alaimo’s a writer on that. That was recorded upstairs on my little 8 track studio. I put it out on my Bold label and we did very well. They still weren’t big yet but we sold quite a few copies.”


So in tribute to the great Greggory L. Allman, we here at HenryStoneMusic salute your soul and its impact, poetry, beats, and melodies.



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