Nov 042011

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Funky Christmas and Party Down New Year’s Special

Miami Funk Volumes 1 – 4 Set

All Four CDs for just $30.00!

Over 50 tracks for just $30!

1. I Got a Thing For You Baby; Mr. Perculator
2. Nasty Dog; The Mighty Dogcatchers
3. Soul Food; Franky Seay
4. It’s Gonna Be a Mess; The Mighty Dogcatchers Sample
5. Look What You Can Get; Funky Nassau
6. Funky Cat; James Knight
7. I’m Afraid of the Dark; Jonny K
8. Cutting Room (Hot Pants); Oceanliners
9. Across the Tracks; The Believers
10. Lay It On Me Baby; Willie Johnson
11. It’s Allright; Oceanliners Featuring Hoss
12. Hey Sexy; King Tutt
13. At The Disco Dance; Wizdom Sample
14. Sock It; The Original Cousins

1. Mashed Potato Popcorn; Freddie and the Kinfolk
2. Funky In The Hole; The Blowflys
3. Same Old Beat; Freddie Scott
4. I Weep; B. B. Brown
5. Bahama Soul Stew; Funky Nassau Sample
6. They Don’t Know; Mona Lisa
7. Notorious; Miami
8. Funkadelic Sound; Little Beaver Sample
9. Groove On; Famous Chromes
10. Never Loved A Woman, Instrumental; Sam Early & The Rising Sun
11. Screwdriver; Johnny K
12. Mr. Hot Stuff; The Hot Stuffs
13. Miami Funk; The Funky Bunch

1) Cramp Your Style – All the People
2) Masterpiece – Clarence Reid
3) Save Me – James Knight
4) Funk On Ahh Roll – James Brown
5) I Like My Birdie – Leno Phillips
6) Keep It Up – Milton Wright
7) Stony Island Band – Stony Island Band
8) Come On Baby – Beginning of the End
9) 90% of Me is You – Vanessa Kendrick
10) Love Was Really Meant For You – Wizdom
11) Magician Man – Fats Gallon
12) Life Is A Beautiful Thing – Fats Gallon
13) My Uncle Funky – Chocolateclay

1) Mr. Hot Pants – The Believers
2) Baby I Cried Cried Cried – Charles Johnson
3) Till I Get My Share – Clarence Reid
4) The Rub – George & Gwen McCrae
5) All This Love I’m Giving – Gwen McCrae
6) Don’t Waste My Time – Jerry Washington
7) Silence That You Keep – Milton Wright
8) Keep Her Happy – Phillip Wright
9) Funky Yolk – Arnold Albury
10) I’m So In Love With You – Wizdom
11) Doing Bad – Fats Gallon
12) I Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Say – Chocolateclay
13) Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Gwen McCrae
14) You Are The Sunshine Of My Life – Gwen McCrae

Funky Christmas and Party Down New Year’s Special

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