Nov 042011

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Funky Christmas and Party Down New Year’s Special

Miami Funk Volumes 1 – 4 Set

All Four CDs for just $30.00!

Over 50 tracks for just $30!

1. I Got a Thing For You Baby; Mr. Perculator
2. Nasty Dog; The Mighty Dogcatchers
3. Soul Food; Franky Seay
4. It’s Gonna Be a Mess; The Mighty Dogcatchers Sample
5. Look What You Can Get; Funky Nassau
6. Funky Cat; James Knight
7. I’m Afraid of the Dark; Jonny K
8. Cutting Room (Hot Pants); Oceanliners
9. Across the Tracks; The Believers
10. Lay It On Me Baby; Willie Johnson
11. It’s Allright; Oceanliners Featuring Hoss
12. Hey Sexy; King Tutt
13. At The Disco Dance; Wizdom Sample
14. Sock It; The Original Cousins

1. Mashed Potato Popcorn; Freddie and the Kinfolk
2. Funky In The Hole; The Blowflys
3. Same Old Beat; Freddie Scott
4. I Weep; B. B. Brown
5. Bahama Soul Stew; Funky Nassau Sample
6. They Don’t Know; Mona Lisa
7. Notorious; Miami
8. Funkadelic Sound; Little Beaver Sample
9. Groove On; Famous Chromes
10. Never Loved A Woman, Instrumental; Sam Early & The Rising Sun
11. Screwdriver; Johnny K
12. Mr. Hot Stuff; The Hot Stuffs
13. Miami Funk; The Funky Bunch

1) Cramp Your Style – All the People
2) Masterpiece – Clarence Reid
3) Save Me – James Knight
4) Funk On Ahh Roll – James Brown
5) I Like My Birdie – Leno Phillips
6) Keep It Up – Milton Wright
7) Stony Island Band – Stony Island Band
8) Come On Baby – Beginning of the End
9) 90% of Me is You – Vanessa Kendrick
10) Love Was Really Meant For You – Wizdom
11) Magician Man – Fats Gallon
12) Life Is A Beautiful Thing – Fats Gallon
13) My Uncle Funky – Chocolateclay

1) Mr. Hot Pants – The Believers
2) Baby I Cried Cried Cried – Charles Johnson
3) Till I Get My Share – Clarence Reid
4) The Rub – George & Gwen McCrae
5) All This Love I’m Giving – Gwen McCrae
6) Don’t Waste My Time – Jerry Washington
7) Silence That You Keep – Milton Wright
8) Keep Her Happy – Phillip Wright
9) Funky Yolk – Arnold Albury
10) I’m So In Love With You – Wizdom
11) Doing Bad – Fats Gallon
12) I Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Say – Chocolateclay
13) Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Gwen McCrae
14) You Are The Sunshine Of My Life – Gwen McCrae

Funky Christmas and Party Down New Year’s Special

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Henry Stone

Henry Stone has been in the music business for over 60 years as a producer, distributor, and label owner. He was instrumental in the creation of many popular sounds, including Disco, Funk, and Miami Music. He discovered KC & The Sunshine Band, did some of the earliest recordings of Ray Charles, and worked closely with James Brown over the years, amongst many others. Henry is still releasing great music from his newest label, Henry Stone Music.

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