Fresh Kid Ice from 2 Live Crew Remembers Henry Stone

fresh kid ice

Fresh Kid Ice in Miramar, October 20, 2015 – ©Jacob Katel

“Henry Stone. I knew about Henry Stone cause he was friends with Don Macmillan. 2 Live Crew started out with our own Fresh Beat Records label under Macola Records in California, and Henry Stone was one of Don’s distributors. Then, when I moved to Miami I knew Henry Stone cause he was the big distributor. After putting out a career full of disco by singers like George McCrae, groups like KC & The Sunshine Band, and even Blowfly, the world’s original dirty rapper, he started a company called HOT Productions. Before that he had the great Sunnyview Records which did the electro hit by Newcleus called “Jam On It.” Stone was the main indie distributor for Florida. And he distributed a record label I started with Kurtis Coley and Greg Allen called Miami Bass Records. The label was an offshoot of our successful DJ company, called Miami Bass DJ’s. Well, I used to like to sit around with the old heads from the music business and listen to what they had to say about things and try to learn as much as I could. One of the records I did that was distributed by HOT was this girl Candy Fresh with the song “Get Busy,” which my boy Stan Cobble out in Texas was involved with. We also had Balli and Fat Daddy with an album called The Masterplan. We had an artist called Marvelous JC from Tampa who had roots in Arizona. Henry Stone was a mogul who I always got a kick out of kickin’ it with.”


From the book My Rise 2 Fame by Fresh Kid Ice

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