Booty Shakin’ Time EP by Jake the Dog

Booty Shakin’ Time EP

Booty Shakin Time EPby Jake the Dog f/ The Fly Boys


1. Booty Around the World
2. Booty Shakin’ Time
3. Shake That B O O T Y
4. Bounce That Booty
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Watch The “Bounce That Booty Video

“Track as Funky as A Million Bowlegged Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!”
– Jerry Mason, The Boogie Report

Jake The Dog was raised on the heavy boom of Miami Bass and the booty shake of the Goombay beat. Booty Shakin’ Time is his tribute to the sounds of rap and bass that he grew up on. The record is executive produced by dance music pioneer Henry Stone, features Miami Bass pioneer Joe Stone, and is produced and engineered by George “Chocolate” Perry, the bass player from the Bee Gees. Now, that’s a lot of bass.

Word from Henry Stone: 38 years ago, I was sitting in the office with KC and the Sunshine Band and had to pick up a third album after two #1 worldwide hits. We were talking about “Shake Your Booty” and everyone thought it was too dirty. But I told them we were going with it. Three weeks later, it was another #1 hit. Now, 38 years later, we are still shaking our booty with “Booty Shakin’ Time”!

Who is “Jake the Dog”? Where did “Booty Shakin’ Time” come from? Some of the answers are in this great article from the Miami New Times.


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