Jun 282016
lcrs ball & chain

Lemon City Rhythm Section at Ball & Chain – June 27, 2016 – Jake Katel

Last night, Lemon City Rhythm Section proved why they are the best new instrumental group in South Florida.

With an epic set drawn from their new album Instrumental Magic 2, the band set Ball & Chain on fire with music and dancing and put the Lit into Little Havana.

Musicians Jeff Zavac on sax, Jerald Dorsett on keys, Shaka Pace on bass, Aaron Fishbein on guitar, and David Hill on drums did an amazing job, and even Henry Stone had a message for them from the afterlife. “Great job, guys,” he said.

Make sure to pick up the new album. It’s a real crowd pleaser. Here are some photos from the gig.

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Jun 232016


Henry Stone’s 65+ years as a music executive, distributor, and producer included making records with Ray Charles, forming a label with James Brown, and owning the Billboard Pop charts in the 1970s with his T.K. Disco company, all of which took place from his Miami headquarters.
New album benefits Lighthouse For The Blind, and features blind saxman Jeff Zavac and friends covering tunes by visually impaired legends.


01 Hey Baby

02 I Got a Woman

03 Night Time is the Right Time

04 I Just Called to Say I Love You

05 Guantanamera

06 Isn’t She Lovely

07 I Wish

08 There’s No Gettin’ Over Me

09 Feliz Navidad

10 America the Beautiful


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Jun 082016
"A Few Good Clubs" - Page from the Shantel Lounge book of Miami History - photo Jake Katel

“A Few Good Clubs” – Page from the Shantel Lounge book of Miami History – photo Jake Katel

“The Palms was an open arena. People would sing for a week. I saw Little Willie John there and I said, “Oh he is gonna be a star.”

He had a song called “Ringatingaling,” and I had never heard of him before and then of course he came out with “Fever.”

Little Willie John was very friendly with the police, especially Richard Davis, and when he got some money he would come to the station and give everybody a twenty dollar bill. Everybody was always happy to see him walk in the door.

I remember later on it was sad, he was out there on 7th street and 2nd Avenue and he was so high he didn’t know what to do with himself so I put him in the back of a cab and sent him home.”

  • From a 2011 interview with Captain Otis Davis

©Jake Katel from the upcoming People’s History of Overtown vol.1. All Rights Reserved

Jun 072016

Willie Clarke, Clarence Reid, George Perry, George McCrae, Timmy Thomas, Willie Hale, Jimmy Bo Horne, Paul Lewis, Steve Alaimo, Henry Stone, Benny Latimore – (photo – ©Jake Katel)

T.K. Productions is a global institution on the level of Motown Records.

The above photo was taken behind the scenes of the documentary filming of the movie about Henry Stone’s life and work in the music business.

That film is called Record Man and it won the Orlando International Film Festival.

A distribution deal for wide release is currently in the works with a major company.

Look out for more great news soon from HenryStoneMusic Inc. With a catalog as deep as the Marianna Trench you can be sure that more great everything is on the way!



©Jake Katel and HenryStoneMusic Inc. All Rights Reserved.