Jul 312014
Joe Stone Miami Bass

Joe Stone, in Henry Stone’s recording studio

Henry Stone Music’s own Joe Stone recently spoke to Miami New Times about his history with the Miami Bass style of music.

Joe was instrumental to the genre through his work with L’Trimm with “Cars That Go Boom,” and Guci Crew II with “Sally That Girl,” as well as many other hits that came out on various Henry Stone labels from that era.

Even today those songs have been sampled and resampled, appeared on movie soundtracks, and in commercials and still make up an essentiali portion of our catalog to this day.

Here’s the first couple of lines from the article and a link so that you can go to the newspaper’s website and check it out for yourself.

“Miami is the undisputed world heavyweight champion of bass, and the globe’s leading progenitor of trunk rattle, rear-view shake, and total body thump.

The genre is a direct descendent of Pretty Tony’s freestyle productions, and Henry Stone’s earlier indie R&B Pop. It’s the single hardest electronic boom in the universe, and we’re proud.

Joe Stone, son of kingpin Henry, helped bring that hard-knock Miami bass baby into the world. And alongside a talented bevvy of behind-the-scenes players from Orlando to the MIA, he was there turning knobs and flipping switches to drop the first extended 808 kick that set it all off.”

Click the linke to read the rest of the article on Miami New Times

Jul 092014

Henry Stone Presents The Little Beaver Song Book

HS Presents Little Beaver Songbook Cover$12.98
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HSM 5154
01 Tears Of The World
02 Wish I Had A Girl Like You-Robert More
03 Mama Forgot To Tell Me
04 I Love The Way You Love
05 Wish I Had A Girl Like You-Japan
06 Don’t Let It End This Way
07 That’s How It Is
08 Give A Helping Hand
09 Miami Girl
10 Ain’t No Time
11 Little Girl Blue
12 I’ve Got To See You Tonight
13 He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove
14 I Love The Way You Love
15 I’ll Love You Forever Heart And Soul
16 Jealous Man
17 Jimmie Bo Charlie
18 Joey
19 Don’t Let It End This Way
20 Katie Pearl


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Jul 092014

Henry Stone’s Best Of Gwen McCrae

Best Of Gwen McCrae$12.98
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HSM 5153
01 He Keeps Something Groovy Goin’ On
02 Move Me Baby
03 Tears On My Pillow
04 Rockin’ Chair
05 For Your Love
06 Your Love is Worse Than A Cold Love
07 90% Of Me Is You
08 It’s Worth The Hurt
09 He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove
10 Love Insurance
11 Please Don’t Go
12 Cradle Of Love
13 It Keeps On Raining
14 Let’s Straighten It Out 1
15 Tonight’s The Night
16 Jazz Freak 1
17 Rockin’ Chair (With A Taste Of Latimore)


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Jul 092014

Henry Stone’s Best Of Little Beaver

Little Beaver Best Of$12.98
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HSM 5152
01 Joey
02 Party Times
03 Does Anybody Care
04 Party Down
05 Wish I Had A Girl Like You
06 Give A Helping Hand
07 I Like The Way You Do Your Thing
08 Mama Forgot To Tell Me
09 Miami Girl
10 Pretty Little Girl
11 I’m A Man Just Like You
12 Don’t Let It End This Way
13 When Was The Last Time
14 Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay
15 Thank You For My Life
16 That’s How It Is
17 Katie Pearl


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Jul 092014

12 Inch Disco Classics Vol.7

12 inch disco Classi 70s vol 7$12.98
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HSM 5151
01 King Sporty & The Root Rockers – Get On Down
02 Johnny Harris – Odyssey Pt. 2
03 Ultra Funk – Indigo Country
04 Mad Dog Fire Department – Cosmic Funk
05 Lonnie Smith – For The Love Of It
06 Skyburst – What They’re Doing Downtown
07 Gail Eason – Have A Good Day
08 King Tutt – You’ve Got Me Hung Up


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Jul 092014

12 Inch Disco Classics Vol.6

12 inch disco Classic 70s vol 6$12.98
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HSM 5150
01 Sherman Hunter – Dance To Freedom
02 Stevo – Pay The Price
03 The Controllers – I Can’t Turn The Boogie Loose
04 Eddie Horan – The Dancer
05 Jimmy McGriff – Tailgunner
06 Modern Sound Corporation – Safari
07 Modern Sound Corporation – Safari Pt.2
08 King Tutt – D-A-N-C-I-N’


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Jul 092014

Twelve Inch Disco Classics Volume 5

12 inch disco Classic 70s vol 5$12.98
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HSM 5149
01 Timmy Thomas – Africano
02 Universal Love – Moon Ride
03 Imperials – I Just Wanna Be Your Lovin’ Man
04 Lew Kirton – Heaven In The Afternoon
05 King Tutt – Keep On
06 Milton Wright – Ooh Ooh Ooh I Like It
07 Jo Bisso – Love Somebody


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May 022014

Henry Stone Music’s Legendary Soul and Blues recording artist

Latimore will appear on The Tonight Show Monday, May 5, 2014

Latimore will be sitting in with the Roots Band



Jimmy Fallon will be Plugging

Latimore’s  album “Henry Stone’s Best of Latimore”



Tune into the Tonight Show Monday, May 5 on NBC see you there

stay tuned for more Latimore

Get the album today on iTunes or wherever good music is sold


Tonight Show Blast Image

Get the album today on iTunes or wherever good music is sold

Dec 122013
Producer Wiliie Clarke, TK Productions' Henry Stone, and the legendary Pollard Syndrum

Producer Wiliie Clarke, TK Productions’ Henry Stone, and the legendary Pollard Syndrum

Willie clarke was here the other day. Boy, he is the funniest little guy. We got into reliving the whole “Ring My Bell” record, which was all put together in TK Studios yaknow.

The producer on the song is Frederick Knight. He was working with the singer Anita Ward, and Willie Clarke engineered the original instrumental with The Wisdom Band. “I worked with Wisdom a whole lot,” he remembers, “they were real funky, man.”

Willie, says it ended up that he hadda go on the road or something with Betty Wright and that a guy named Wizard ran off with the tape. Wizard was a sort of promo man or radio somethin’ or other. He was a hangaround guy, always hangin’ around the studio.

Me, I was at my New York office on 54th street in Manhattan. Me and Allen Grubman was up there makin’ deals and I would be back and forth to Miami checkin on the music and doin what I hadda do.

Willie claims that it was his idea to put that electronic drum sound in the track. He says nobody wanted to use it, but when the song hit everybody else wanted to take credit for it. “I can’t sleep at night,” he says now, “I should have 50% of that.”

I never seen a record move so fast. Within 3 or 4 weeks of bein’ out it was number one on the Billboard charts.

That electronic “dooooo!” is the sound made by the Syndrum. Willie Clarke still has it to this day. It’s made by Pollard, and it was the first ever electronic drum.

He says “I used it on a lot of things that I cut.” It was part of the whole TK sound.

Dec 052013


Lookout Wynwood! Mysterious Henry Stone street art posters have been taking over the neighborhood as Art Basel Miami 2013 descends on the city.

We don’t know who the crusaders putting these up are, but it’s good to know that as the eyes of the world are upon Miami this week, that the creator of the Miami Sound of music will be recognized too.

If you don’t know, Henry Stone is a pioneer in R&B, soul, funk, disco, dance, and hip hop music. He produced the first version of The Twist, and wrote a song covered by Frank Sinatra. He was friends with Leonard Chess, and the first distributor for Atlantic Records.

From recording Ray Charles in a warehouse on Flagler street in 1951, to discovering Sam&Dave, Betty Wright, Little Beaver, Latimore, George McCrae, KC & The Sunshine Band, Timmy Thomas, Blowlfy, Willie Clarke, and many more, Henry Stone is a giant in the world of modern music history.

From being James Brown’s Godfather, to selling hundreds of millions of records around the globe, Henry Stone has never lost the flavor of the streets of the City of Miami, and now they bear his face in tribute to that legacy.









Dec 032013
The Paradise Garage

The Paradise Garage

I remember when the dance club DJs first started in New York City. It was in the 1970s when I hired Ray Caviano to promote my TK Disco 12″‘s. He was in charge of basically the New York office. And he got all my new music played in all the hottest New York nightclubs. Let’s call him now, he’ll give you the whole history 

(Henry dials the phone)

Ray Caviano: Hello? Heeeenry Stooooneeeee!

Henry Stone: Hey, Ray Caviano, just the man I wanteda talk to! We’re gonna do a blog on the original DJs from New York….

Ray Caviano: Well some of the main guys were Jim Burgess, Roy Thode aka The Saint, Richie Kaczor from Studio 54, Richie Rivera, Larry Levan from Paradise Garage. And Bobby DJ, he was one of the originals. These were some of the main guys at the original New York dance clubs in the 1970′s.
Larry Levan was the man of the scene of the Paradise Garage. He perfected the sound. He was very responsible for breaking dance music in the city. The Paradise Garage was the most exclusive club. All the radio power players were there to see what was breaking on the dance floor. Just anybody couldn’t walk in there. It was a very private, very special place. And they didn’t serve liquor.
It was about 1977 that it opened, and it really set the trend until the early 80′s.

There was also David Mancuso, who started a club called The Loft, which was around before The Paradise Garage. David was one of the key people that started private dance parties in the New York area. He was tight with Judy Weinstein who was very important with her For The Record record pool. She serviced about 150 DJ’s, and she always got 150 copies of each new TK Disco release.
I was there.

I would do the whole circuit with all the new TK Disco records. Four or five clubs a night, just about every night of the week.

I was a VIP everywhere I went, fuhgettaboutit. Most people could never ever get in to Studio 54, but I walked right in anytime I wanted, straight to the DJ, who would always smile when they saw me cause they knew I had that new TK Disco for them to play.

We were the hottest in the game.
I first met and was recruited by Henry Stone through our mutual friend Allen Grubman. I was working on other records for him, dance records. Me and Tommy Mottola. Songs like “Turn The Beat Around” by Vicky Sue Robinson. Allen Grubman introduced me to Henry Stone and the rest is history.
Nowadays radio doesn’t play new music. Back then, clubs were the testing ground for all new potential hits in the market. Hot club songs became hot radio songs became hit records. That doesn’t exist anymore the way it did.
But for the club DJ’s, it’s the same formula: make sure everybody is dancing and having a good time. The culture of the DJ and the essence is still the same. That party energy, that excitement is the same. And people are still dancing and celebrating. The experience is the same, there’s just new technology. It’s totally different, but it’s fundamentally the same.

Dec 032013
Henry Stone

Henry Stone, living legend of the music business

I remember goin to the first Art Basel Miami Beach, at the convention center. Nobody knew what it was. It was like in 2001. An artist friend from New York named Twinny told me and my wife Nezzie about it. She was all excited. She knew all about it. She was so into it y’know, “Ooooh Art Basel is going to be in Miami!”

Nobody else really knew what it was. But Twinny was really into it.

Twinny is Barry Weiss’s aunt. Barry’s the CEO of Universal Records, and the son of one of my best old friends from the music business, Hy Weiss. Hy Weiss and his brother Sam founded Old Town Records. They had tons of artists like Bobby Blue Bland and Arthur Prysock. Later, Sam and his son Michael founded Nervous Records, the electronic music label. Michael runs that now. That electronic music is what’s taken over and replaced all the live acts in the clubs.

Anyway, this Art Basel Miami Beach has really become a huge event. It’s good for the city. All the hotels are full. That first year I went was pretty exciting. I remember walking through and seein all the art. I still had my eyesight at the time, hadn’t gone blind yet. I’ve been all around the world to every kind of convention you can think of, and this one is as good as the best of those. Even better, it’s right here at home in Miami.

I know now they’ve got all that action in Wynwood too. I went last year and checked out the street art, and the murals. I may be blind now, but I’ve still got my great vision, and I can see that this whole Art Basel Miami Beach adds a great energy to the first week of December.