Andrew “DJ Le Spam” Yeomanson Digitizing Henry Stone’s Glory Records, Marlin Records, Rockin’ Label and More


Andrew “DJ Le Spam” Yeomanson is Miami’s king of studio archive transfers.

From soul, funk, r&b, gospel, rock, and more; on labels including the legendary Henry Stone’s Rockin’, Glory, Marlin, and DeLuxe, Spam can run, splice, chop, and repair half century old music captured on magnetic tape with the best of em’.

Yesterday he brought life to the Keys of Heaven, an incredible gospel outfit whose sound is so sanctified that Jesus wept over Miami when Spam ran the tape.


The tracks were recorded circa 1953 for Henry Stone’s  Crystal Recording Corporation, the sister company to his original Seminole Distribution Company, his first known record business entities after moving to Miami, FL at the end of the 1940s.

The original music came out on Glory Records 4016 as “Let Your Light Shine On Ike,” and “Jesus Bears The Cross.” Today that record is a major collector’s item.

Just listen to the amazing sounds of the Keys of Heaven. Their raw, gritty, gutbucket soul evidences the true roots of blues, rock, r&b, soul, funk, and everything that those genres inspired too.

Andrew says, “Today we got a stack of tapes on 7” reels. Two tapes on Johnny and Mack, a gospel tape by Keys of Heaven. Davy Jones, thats gonna be good r&b that should be real good. Sonny Thompson “Juke Joint,” I have this on 45 it’s a classic so its cool to see that. Maybe there’s an alternate take on it, that’s always interesting.”


Joe Stone, who Henry left in charge of the daily operations of his Henry Stone Music label upon passing away says that he found the tapes in some old boxes. “I started pulling em out and looking at em’,” he remembers, “And they had these beautiful handwritten notes in them like, “Hey, pump the bass and the highs on this one. I need a hit,” written to the mastering engineer.”


But “You can’t just take these tapes and throw them on any deck,” says Joe, “You gotta find the right elements.”

“It’s not just equipment, but the people behind it.”


“Henry and I knew Andrew for a long time through different things with catalog. And Andrew helped on The Record Man movie. He helped me and Henry for years to find old records we needed copies of. He has the right temperament, knowledge, and enthusiasm to get into this kind of stuff.”


So as Henry Stone Music continues putting out great new hits, and resurrecting old ones from their magnetic state of suspended animation, you can be sure that great care went into sharing their sounds in pristine crystal quality.



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