Mar 102011

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1. Hearts Of Stone; The Charms
2. Love Love Stick Stov; The Charms Listen to a Sample Sample
3. Two Hearts; The Charms
4. Annie Met Henry; The Champions
5. Big Bad Beulah; The Champions
6. Mexico Bound; The Champions
7. Very Truly Yours; The Evergreens Listen to a Sample Sample
8. Guitar Player; The Evergreens
9. Magic; The Tru-Tones
10. Tears In My Eyes; The Tru-Tones
11. Dry Your Eyes; Delmiras
12. The Big Sound; Delmiras

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Henry Stone

Henry Stone has been in the music business for over 60 years as a producer, distributor, and label owner. He was instrumental in the creation of many popular sounds, including Disco, Funk, and Miami Music. He discovered KC & The Sunshine Band, did some of the earliest recordings of Ray Charles, and worked closely with James Brown over the years, amongst many others. Henry is still releasing great music from his newest label, Henry Stone Music.

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  1. The Alan Freed Doo Wop is great. Doesn’t anyone remember the great songs, like Mexico Bound.,Very Truly yours. Etc. Check them out. I gurantee you’ll like them they were dance music pre disco.

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