Alan Freed’s Favorite Chart Doo Wop


1. Hearts Of Stone; The Charms
2. Love Love Stick Stov; The Charms
3. Two Hearts; The Charms
4. Annie Met Henry; The Champions
5. Big Bad Beulah; The Champions
6. Mexico Bound; The Champions
7. Very Truly Yours; The Evergreens
8. Guitar Player; The Evergreens
9. Magic; The Tru-Tones
10. Tears In My Eyes; The Tru-Tones
11. Dry Your Eyes; Delmiras
12. The Big Sound; Delmiras

One comment on “Alan Freed’s Favorite Chart Doo Wop”

  1. nezzie says:

    The Alan Freed Doo Wop is great. Doesn’t anyone remember the great songs, like Mexico Bound.,Very Truly yours. Etc. Check them out. I gurantee you’ll like them they were dance music pre disco.

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