Henry Stone has been in the music business in Miami, Florida for over 65 years. He has owned many record labels such as Alston, Brownstone, Cat, Chart, Dade, Dash, Glades, Glory, Marlin, Rockin’, Weird World and the world-famous TK Records. He was instrumental in the formation of several musical sounds, including the Miami Sound, Southern Soul, and Disco, as well as having a big influence in R&B, Blues, Gospel and the beginning of electronic music (House, etc).

Henry Stone has worked with and recorded many great artists, including Latimore, who was one of the creators of the Miami Sound with Henry Stone, Little Beaver, Jimmy “Bo” Horne, Steve Alaimo, Sam and Dave, Bobby Byrd, Clarence Reid, Sonny Thompson, J. P. Robinson, Roach Thompson, and many others. He recorded some of the earliest work of Ray Charles and worked closely with James Brown for many years.

Henry Stone’s influence in the Disco era is quite extensive. He founded one of the best known disco record labels, TK Records, and put out a string of over 20 gold and platinum records. He discovered Harry Wayne Casey, better known as “KC” of KC and the Sunshine Band. He recorded many other great disco artists including Gwen McCrae, Timmy Thomas, T-Connection, Peter Brown, Foxy, George McCrae, Betty Wright, Dorothy Moore, Bobby Caldwell, and too many more to list.

Now, Henry Stone is back at it again. In addition to releasing CD compilations of many of his older recording, a lot of which have never been on CD before now, Henry is back in the studio with some old friends (Gwen McCrae, Latimore, Timmy Thomas, KC, Chocolate Perry), as well as with some all new names, like Jeff Zavac and Osvaldo Rodriguez. Check it all out at the online Henry Stone Music Store.