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Interview on WLRN Radio, June 11, 2010
Henry Stone was featured on WLRN's Arts Beat with Ed Bell and Chris DeAngelis.
Click here to listen

Interview with Henry Stone at the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind on Channel 10, December 15, 2009
Click here to see the video

Celebrity Access Interview
CLICK HERE for the interview
Once again, Henry Stone has been interviewed by a leading media source. "Celebrity Access" is hailed as the ultimate resource for entertainment industry professionals.
By Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen

Discomusic Interview
CLICK HERE to read this excellent and very in-depth interview that includes many rare photos.
"DiscoMusic.com is proud to present another one-on-one interview with none other than Henry Stone."
Written By Bernard F. Lopez
Discostyle Interview
CLICK HERE to check it out.
"Not your "same 'ol" interview!"
Discostyle.com talks at length with Henry Stone.
Disco Disco Interview
CLICK HERE to read.
"This is a Tribute to....T.K. Productions"
An excellent interview all about TK history by Discoguy.
DJ's Portal Interview
CLICK HERE to read.
"interview for the polish leading deejay web site djsportal.com as same as for the books: "DISC JOCKEY" and "SILENT RECORDS" - disco encyclopedia"
by Janek 'YAHUDEEJ@Y' Pawul

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